12 Mar

Expungement Attorney Baltimore

Are you thinking about expunging your criminal record? If yes, then it is important to get the legal assistance with the expungement attorney in Baltimore with Hirsch &Cosca law. It is a reliable law firm in Baltimore. We have experienced and professional attorney, who can help you in the legal process of removing criminal records from public inspection. To discuss the matter in detail, schedule a consultation with our experienced expungement attorney today!

1 Mar

GeoCrede: Geo-Visual Analytical Platform For Retail Bankers, Banking

GeoCrede is a web-delivered, geo-visual (map) analytical platform on India’s banking data. It includes an indepth analysis on granular markets of deposits & credit in terms of market size, growth and markets share across regions and public & private banks.The data-driven platform is based on the quarterly data releases on deposits & credit, at districts & towns, released by the official agencies.