14 Mar

CPU Trolley Online

As the name implies, CPU trolley is used for mobility and easy access of CPU. It holds a CPU in vertical position and eases the portability of CPU from one place to another. It contains the adjustable width of about 100 to 225 mm and comes with lockable castors that makes easy mobility of CPU. At Innofitt, we manufacture and provide wide range of ergonomic products for office use.

19 Dec

Online Doctor Consultation India

Today, internet provide numerous advantages to the masses, number of internet users is on a rise every day. With just a click today everything can be purchased online. Internet has also facilitated in making the process easier of reaching the doctor and healthcare centers. Our Doctorquick app enables you to book an easy online appointment with experienced and qualified doctors and get answers to your health-related queries.

5 Nov

Laptop Stand for Desk

Laptop is very useful and essential tool, it is used for multiple purpose at home and offices. People sit and work for hours on laptop, hence it is important to use laptops in a best ergonomic position. Because usually, laptops are not designed for permanent or semi-permanent use. People who use laptops on their desks are often found complaining about the comfortability in using laptops for long working hours.

26 Jul

Distributorship Opportunities

Distributorship opportunity provides exceptional benefits to the distributor. It is always considered as affordable option as compare to start-up. Also, you get an advantage of associating with an established brand. Apart from that, it also gives you an opportunity to work with trained and professional experts. The best part is, it involves precise and clear payment terms that are defined with a legal agreement which results in conducting hassle free business process.